Geeking out at #TechEd (at Discovery Green)
#MartiniDrowning (at Granite City)
We need more cowbell (at iWireless Center)
Party On! (at The Clubhouse)
Golfin with my boys  (at Pebble Creek)
New Jammie’s (at The Ballards)
Bowling night with the fam (at QC Family Entertainment)
Who needs toys when you have a cardboard box
Manicures & Frozen Yogurt for my baby girls bday (at Jujube Frozen Yogurt)
Nice having a good restaurant attached to our hotel #Staycation #HonorTheIrish (at Bennigan’s)
Green River Chicago
Oh that’s the spot
Yes this is a beer bouquet from my perfect valentine. (at Gemvision Corporation, LLC)
Kids all playing their tablets in their new pillows and matching Jammie’s
Lunch & Hot Chocolate after Christmas Program (at Village Inn)